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The Winter Road: 4 must-haves for driving and strolling on the snow

The recent launch of The Winter Road driving gloves has provided us with an excuse to give ourselves a trip between snowy woods and frozen lakes. We wanted to test on the road the new concept and exclusive design of these 100% Made in Italy driving gloves conceived for the winter… then again, driving any breathtaking car, on any challenging road, in any climatic condition, isn’t perhaps the most fun for any Gentleman Driver worthy of its name?

So, while testing ourselves and the roadholding of our 4 wheels at zero degrees and on a very unreliable pavement, we realized that our driving gloves designed for winter perfectly translate into stylistic terms many of the best practices for safe driving on the snow. Scroll to believe.

100% softness

It is one of the key words on the snow, where you have to be extremely light on the steering wheel and delicate on the throttle. But when it's cold even your hands require more kindness: for this reason The Winter Road conceals a soft and warm cashmere lining on the inside, perfect for driving or strolling during the winter season.

Grip & Go

The grip between the wheels and the snowpack is low: never venture on a snowy or icy road without winter tires or snow chains! For an excellent grip on the steering wheel, however, we have equipped The Winter Road gloves with a perforated and thin nappa palm, providing a very comfortable fit, ideal for ensuring impeccable grip and breathability.

It takes a steady hand!

Slopes on snow-covered roads can intimidate even the most experienced drivers, but with firmness and some tips you can overcome everything. A short run-up and shifting into the first or second gear will lead you to the top of any climb (and never, never give up!), while downshifting is the best way to slow down your car downhill. Having a steady hand is essential, therefore for The Winter Road, the gloves tailored for the cold season, we thought of a long model with a strap that warms and also protects the wrist.

Safety distance… and outlier style.

On snow the braking time is longer, so it is necessary to increase the safety distance. Furthermore, it is always better to avoid following trails left by other cars since the “rail” effect will limit steering a lot. In short, in these cases you must be more outlier than ever, helped by gloves such as The Winter Race, with an exclusive suede back and refined two-tone design, with whom it’s easy to stand out even in terms of style, wherever you are.


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Sajin Park for The Outlierman © 2019

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