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Car Tales: Lamborghini Murcielago, last of the wild ones.

There's a bold, eccentric, flamboyant, almost forbidden pleasure in driving a Lamborghini. It's pure enjoyment per se and there's no need to justify it. A Lambo must never apologize, it must not be gentle: it is what it is and one should love it for what it stands for.

They're cars which carry a sense of liberation. In a society like ours, where we have to justify every choice, purchase or action, we forget of the free and intense pleasure that you feel while driving just a few centimeters off the tarmac in a car that is shaped like a bullet and characterized by unique strenght.

They don't have the same engineering pedigree as Ferrari or the same day-to-day usability as a Porsche, but the sheer satisfaction that you feel while you challenge the world by pressing down on the accelerator pedal to hear the inebriating sound of the 12-cylinder engine, cannot just be expressed in mere words.

There are objects conceived to satisfy the ego of those who drive them. There's nothing wrong in all of this. Raw, mean but fascinating only how a purebred Italian car can be, Lamborghinis have represented the choice for those who do not like the word "compromise" in their lives.

The Murcielago is the last old school Lamborghini. Its L537 engine has been the last of a long family of twelve-cylinder engines which can be traced back to the first cars produced in Sant'Agata. The raw character, the imperfections such as the driving position tilted to the right, the scarce visibility and the illogical practicality have produced a car only made of dreams and desires.

Derived from the Diablo, the Murcielago was a complete evolution of the GT concept according to Lamborghini. Equipped with a variable-geometry induction system managed by the two LIE (Lamborghini Iniezone Elettronica) ECU's tuned for an optimization of the power delivery for road use, it ensures at 2000rpm sufficient torque for a ferocious and thrilling acceleration.

Sure, here the true gentleman's driver character is not emphasized. If boldness is not your thing, there are always British cars! Having the opportunity to have two examples, a coupe and a rare roadster, there's the possibility to properly unleash these purebreds.

The reactions are violent, brutal, thrilling and reflect the power of the animal which stands a symbol of the brand. It's a seductive beauty made of the contrast between harmonious lines and muscular and sculpted volumes, enhanced by the high-pitched sound of the 6.5 litre 630 HP V12.

The Murcielago is a fury: there's little difference between the two variants and both accelerate with vigor, change direction with decision and without hesitation. One can criticize the lack of the precision typical of a Ferrari, but here it's not about lap times: here, there's no need to race, but only to live unique emotions.

The Murcielago is the final evolution of that family which includes the Miura and the Countach. It's a Lamborghini from the Audi era whose original project has all the Italian spirit of the technicians from the Motor Valley. This car has never lost that unique charisma of those unique masterpieces of Italian Motoring history.

Words: Jacopo Villa, contributor
Photos: Sajin Park
Cars: courtesy of

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