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From F1 to the living room: iXOOST is music
to your ears.

“The sound of a 12 cylinder engine should be listened to as if it were a symphony.”
Enzo Ferrari

An impulse starts an engine, a spark brings an idea to life. There’s something engineeringly poetic about a concept like IXOOST, which transforms authentic Formula 1™ car exhaust pipes into extraordinary audio systems capable of bringing the acoustic-emotional impact of the race track into your living environment. An idea which combines driving passion, intuition and technical excellence in something unique, and that we are delighted to host in our Design+Art section on

Designed and created by Matteo and Giovanni Panini, iXOOST is an Italian brand which shows all its Italian character in the creative and unpredictable streak of the idea, in the incisiveness of the Made in Italy design as well as in the finesse of the technological research and in the quality of the handcrafted workmanship of every single piece.

Heirs to a family of bold and successful entrepreneurs, the two founders have managed to combine two of the great values of their family heritage in the iXOOST project: faith in the excellence of handmade in Italy and an infinte passion for cars. Just think that the Umberto Panini Collection, the private museum of the Panini family which stands just a few hundred metres from the IXOOST laboratories, is one of the most complete collections of Maserati cars in the world.

Obtaining purity of sound from an “exhaust” is no mean feat, but the Modena area, the birth place of Maserati, Ferrari, Pagani and Lamborghini, provides exceptional manual skill and inspiration, everything that is essential for producing unique and exclusive objects.

The iXoost speakers are designed, constructed and assembled by hand using traditional crafting methods, something which also makes it possible to personalise every creation according to the client's specific needs. Every exhaust is “matched” to the audio system via a tuning system, becoming an active and functional part of the sound quality.

Two of the latest iXOOST creations, available on our e-commerce site, come from prestigious joint projects with Automobili Lamborghini and Pirelli.

ESAVOX instantly recalls the style of the production of Sant’Agata Bolognese. The design is based on a monocoque frame in carbon fibre, exhaust terminal with passive Bassreflex pressure control, and shock absorbers to mute the vibrations of the speakers.

PIRELLI P ZERO™ sound tuned by IXOOST is an exclusive audio system for Motorsport enthusiasts. A hi-fi system which integrates an avant-garde Bluetooth speaker with a scale model of the F1™ tyre developed by Pirelli for their wind tunnel tests.

Other products from iXOOST are the XiLO, the sinuous wireless audio dock for smartphones and the flamboyant Radial6, which draws its inspiration from the world of aeroplanes.

With iXoost, the object which symbolizes the sound of every car - the exhaust - vibrates once more, even after having abandoned the track, to the sound of our favourite music. Happy listening!

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