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What makes The Outlierman
collections so unique?

The Outlierman collections are when a pure passion for cars is translated into high-design.

All our exclusive patterns are inspired by classic cars that have left an indelible mark in history, with reworked shapes and hallmarks that create harmonious and stylish designs able to evoke a legend while remaining flawless elements of style.

The appeal of such great icons is relived also by the colors of the products, which are based on a in-depth study of internal and external colors of classic cars for a genuine, accurate and meaningful style.

The Outlierman Style.



The Outlierman Magazine

Un racconto dei più prestigiosi eventi motori.
Un viaggio nel cuore del made in Italy.
Un quaderno di stile.
Una grande avventura.

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The Outlierman News

La passione per le auto nel mondo e nella storia:
i grandi eventi di oggi, le leggende di ieri
la classe dei Gentleman, le novità di The Outlierman.
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