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Gentleman Style Tips: how to choose and wear a scarf

The scarf has always been a cornerstone of the Gentleman style. Wrapped around the neck, it distinctively complements a casual look, enhances an outfit or a classic coat with a touch of colour, and focuses attention on the face of the speaker. Not to mention that a scarf for men or women, if worn masterfully, represents the first line of protection against the elements and changes in temperature.

The choice of high quality yarns, the quality of the craftsmanship, the exclusivity of the patterns and the refinement of the colour palettes are the key factors to consider if you are looking for a scarf of great aesthetic and quality value. For our two collections of scarves - The Rallyscope and The Portrait - at The Outlierman we wanted to create a 100% Made in Italy accessory for driving and motoring enthusiasts, designed to be classy and to be used in all seasons.

Together with our seamstresses in Como, we selected a yarn made of very fine cashmere and silk threads to create a soft and light weave, pleasant to look at and to wear both in the cold months and in the warmer months thanks to the peculiar properties of these yarns, both known for their delicacy, softness, transpirability and extraordinary ability to adapt to the heat of the body while maintaining an ideal and constant temperature.

An exceptional interweaving also from the point of view of the colour rendering, which emerges with particular brightness, allowing the exclusive designs to remain charming both with the scarf placed on the shoulders and with the scarf wrapped or knotted in the many ways that make the Gentleman style varied and elegant.

Perhaps not everyone knows, in fact, that there are many ways to wear the scarf. Our favourite styles are 5: drape, casual crossing, parisian style, single turn, twice around.



Perfect for formal occasions and elegant outfits, it underlines the refinement of the look with a hint of colour or the beauty of a beautiful and original patterns like the ones of The Rallyscope scarf, on which the iconic radiator of the Jaguar XK120 stands out.

Casual Crossing

This soft-looking knot is very suitable for informal and sporty looks, for example for a car trip out of town. The edge of the scarf that falls on the chest gives space to the design, so it is perfect to enhance particularly exclusive and original patterns and refined color combinations.

Simple turn

Design in the foreground and timeless appeal. From the Gentleman Drivers of the past to the present, this easy to make and wear crossing remains a great certainty of male style. Beautiful and particular because the asymmetry creates a very dynamic effect.

Twice around

Modern and masculine, apparently created without thinking too much about it, it is more a drape than a real knot. The edges of the scarf can be arranged symmetrically or asymmetrically, the final result will still be to enhance the look with a strong touch of color that, in the case of our The Rallyscope Red, has all the flavor of vintage rallies and historical granfondo.

Parisian style

As the name suggests, it is a knot that gives the look a sophisticated appearance, while also ensuring a good level of warmth on the neck. It is a knot that strikes for the glance on the color, it is sufficient to see the effect of the distinctive "brushstrokes" of our 356’s Portrait that represents the timeless Porsche 356 as on a work of art.

Photos: Sajin Park & Daniel Minárik for The Outlierman © 2019

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