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#DriveYourGift: the 2019 Christmas Gift Guide for car and style enthusiasts

A wrong gift lasts for a year. The perfect gift lasts a lifetime. That's the idea that inspires our quest for 2019 Christmas gifts, those to put (or to wait for) under the tree. If the idea is to find the perfect gift for a car enthusiast or the right surprise for a style connoisseur, here's a tip: find an exclusive gift, suitable for his lifestyle and able to enhance his personal passion. This is how a gift becomes something meaningful that fascinates and remains appreciated over time.

If this is also your goal, here are some gift ideas for him or her, taken from the The Outlierman 100% Made in Italy collections: driving gloves, bags and travel sets, ties, pocket squares and bow ties, cashmere and silk scarves and much more... 

Passion for driving: gift ideas for driving, sport and performance lovers.

For a true petrolhead, driving is more than a pleasure: it's a gift. Hearing the engine revs, taking the bends like an artist, becoming one with the car are skills to be fueled with a gift that amplifies the driving experience and inspires the search for even better performances. In two words: driving gloves. Better if handmade in Italy using selected leather and rare processing: for a perfect fit, grip and breathability. 

Passion for travel: gifts for world citizens and cosmopolitan globetrotters.

There are people who want any excuse to get into the car, catch a plane or book a luxury yacht. The world calls, why deny yourself? If you know someone who lives under the banner of wanderlust, turn their passion into gifts for traveling in a comfortable and elegant way at any latitude: from Norilsk to Cape Horn. The Portrait Square Scarves or Weekender Garment Bags in the most iconic colors of the automotive world, to be matched with the colors of the interior and exterior of your car for satisfying adventures on the road.

Passion for elegance: classy gift ideas for those who pay attention to style and fine details.

Exclusive designs, sophisticated color palettes, unique patterns: those who love to express themselves through their look are always seeking style details that combine aesthetic research with high quality materials and craftsmanship. Like a combination using The Posh accessories in red, The Heritage driving gloves with a refined crochet back (perfect to balance the driver impulse of The World Beater pocket square), The Gentleman Driver pocket square or a Document Case to keep your pockets empty, for impeccably falling clothes.

Passion for legends: the right gifts for experts in historic racing and great achievements

History and sports adrenaline, but also admiration for the bravery and genius of the men who wrote the pages of racing. Someone would spend entire days discovering new stories about their own motoring myths: an interest that can inspire a timeless gift, with the right idea. Like The Rallyscope Scarf, infused with the charm of vintage rallies, The Potrait bow tie, with a pattern as rare as a work of art. And why not a Best of Show Tie inspired by the winners of the most important Concours d'Elegance, or The Icon pocket square, with a name and pattern connected to a long, prestigious history.

Passion for (free)style: a gift idea to let you choose freely.

Versatility can be a real passion, as well as a characteristic of a personal disposition. The perfect gift idea for those who have so many myths, so many stylistic influences, so many interests could be The Outlierman Gift Card: you define the value of the card, those who receive it will choose and buy the item they prefer directly online, following the inspiration of the moment. 

N.B. All The Outlierman items can be ordered directly online and are delivered worldwide with the following timing:

  • Italy, generally delivered in 2 working days.
  • Worldwide, generally delivered in 3-4 working days.

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